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Custom Web Design

We simply do not create websites for you, We Build Website for your Customers

With the restrictions next to CMS and e-commerce solutions coming in the way of customer’s agenda, we at Asearch offer our system in development of custom websites.Our custom website development system optimizes your website to the unique needs of your business and customers.

How do ASearch design a custom website ?

  • Analysis and prototype :
    Whether you have a rough idea in your mind or clear specifications of what the website should look like, we work with you to analyze and document the website functionality with a visual prototype where not a single requirement of yours will be missed.

  • Design and Usability :
    Our team always stays attentive to the latest web design trends for the assurance of fresh and relevant look of your website.We will share our sketches and ask for your comments and suggestions at every step.

  • Development :
    Our designed websites are fast, secure and accessible through all the modern browsers.We use established frameworks in order to expedite the development, build a fast and reliable engine and position your website for the future upgrades. In addition, we use responsive design techniques that allow your website to present naturally on a mobile device and are of utmost importance for today’s website. Our websites have clearly defined conversion goal for each page which can be a sale, making an enquiry or signing up for a service.

  • Testing, Installation and Configuration :
    We do multiple phases of website testing starting from individual code modules to assembled components to a complete functional test. With many projects completed in the past we know where to expect the unexpected and stay alert for even the most uncommon bugs.
    After testing we help you choose the provider and the hosting plan that will satisfy the growing needs of your website. At this point we configure your website and perform additional testing to ensure that you are all ready to go on your own.

Why Custom Websites?

  • SEO Friendly :
    Custom website development is very much SEO friendly and well suited for online marketing. It utilizes the most influential search engine parameters : key words, key word phrases, titles, links, and images to put your website at the top of a search engine far ahead of generic free sites.Our company can design your website so it attains high rankings and becomes visible to a wider audience on the Internet.

  • Smooth Navigation :
    With the custom website from ASearch you do not have to adjust your specifications to the capabilities of a given platform or change your design visions to fit a template – we deliver the work precisely to your requirements. This smooth navigation and ease inspires users to continue to explore more pages on the site Search engines such as Google look at the time the average user stays on the site. The higher the average user time, the higher the organic search rating.

  • Website Security :
    Security issues are particularly addressed when designing a custom website for your business. We write custom codes to guard against the most predictable security threats .We stand by our work, take full responsibility for every line of code that we write and will work relentlessly to restore the service ASAP in case of an attack.

  • Flexibility :
    Custom website designs are flexible. They can be updated whenever required, with less effort.Any updates or changes can be made quickly and easily through the web developer.