Social Media Optimization is a process by which visitors are attracted to a website by promotion and publicizing through social media. Social Media Optimization is more commonly known as SMO, which is regarded as a subset to the social media marketing. SMO is known to be one of the best tools of website optimization.

SMO can be of two types :

  • Adding social media features to the content, which include social news, RSS feeds, polling and user rating tools and incorporation of third party functionalities like videos and images.
  • Promotion in social media apart from content marketing which includes blog posting, blog commenting, participation in group discussions and updation of status in social networking sites.

The concept of Social Media Optimization is often mixed up with the idea of search engine marketing. Though the main focus of both the processes is to drive traffic, but they are very much different from each other. SMO also benefits the clients with improved page ranking.

There are a variety of organizations catering to the SMO requirements. ASearch Online is regarded as one of the best among them. Our company follows certain steps while doing SMO for any website:

  • Define Goals : The first step to begin with the SMO work is to clearly define the goal of the website. SMO work is always future oriented and it is necessary to keep a track of the actual results that may follow after SMO is done.
  • Identify online segment : Our Company help the clients to choose the proper online segment.
  • Research segment users : Extensive research is done by us regarding the segment users our client is targeting. This makes the focus clear and our client knows where they are heading.
  • Research segment content : A bit of research regarding the segment content also becomes necessary before successful implementation of the SMO tools.
  • Create targeted content : Creation of relevant content is handled with great expertise by ASearch online, which facilitates easy and fast implementation of SMO techniques.
  • Publish content online : From creation to publishing of relevant content online is taken care by the SMO experts of our organization.
  • Maintenance and Analytics : Most of the SMO providers wash their hands off after doing the initial work. With ASearch online, the clients are assured of a wonderful maintenance and comparative analysis of their website after completion of the SMO work.

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